Setting Up A Plan To Expose Unethical Business Practices

We live in a world where there are a lot of unethical business practices happening all around us for the sake of maximizing profit and if you and your team are looking to expose the practices of a certain industry, you will need to first draw up a detailed plan to figure out how you are going to get the information and then, how you are going to get about the exposure itself. In order to get the information, you are going to have an undercover mission in place. This can happen in a few ways. You can either pretend to be a customer or a student that is interested in the work that is being done by the industry in question or if it is a bigger mission, you might need to have someone apply to work in the place to get more detailed information. However, you and your team will have to understand that there is a lot of danger involved with such a mission and therefore, you will have to be one hundred percent sure that whoever is volunteering for the job is well aware of the dangers.

Special equipment

If you are going on a short visit under the guise of a student or a customer, you will need to have equipment that will get all the footage you need. Depending on the exact story that you are giving, you can even potentially get permission to bring in equipment such as a Phantom 3 advanced drone or something similar which you can explain will get good footage for your project. The best excuse or story that you can give is to tell them that you are from a university doing a project on dairy. If not, you might even be able to sneak in a DJI spark drone that you can operate remotely while you are pretending to take notes for the project. You can learn more about this type of drone here.

You will also have to find ways of releasing the footage that you discover to the public. Ideally, you will have to do this from various profiles on social media so that you do not necessarily get traced. Although technically, your IP address can lead back to you, it is only the government that has this information and if the project that you are doing is not relevant to the government, you should be safe by using pages on Facebook and fake profiles to upload the content that you uncover. You will also want to have a powerful mic with you at all times to capture sound and conversation.

Setting Up A Plan To Expose Unethical Business Practices
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