Terrazzo Tile Designs Are High In Demand

Turns out this is the toughest design

Without a doubt, one of the hardest materials and design right now is Terrazzo. Terrazzo is basically made of marble mixed with stone chips adjusted with epoxy resin or concrete. Terrazzo can be seen in homes from kitchen to bench and other furniture and of course tiles. Terrazzo tiles are available in different colour tiles and formats. Also, Terrazzo is new version of tiles but now it’s known as Terrazzo mostly. One can pick from any of Terrazzo countless concrete shapes and patterns, and add in while making, several different styles and other beautiful designs aggregates before deciding which kind of finish you want on the surface. Terrazzo Tiles are suitable for indoors or outdoors and freeze or thaw conditions.

How much does an average terrazzo tile cost?

One of the biggest down side is cost, Terrazzo tiles ranges from a $120 to $250 a square meter. As they are the ones with hardest and has 1 inch or 2 inches more thick than regular with chips accommodating with different shapes and colour that adds beautiful finish on surface.

Where can we use these tiles, apart from rooms

Terrazzo can be seen on ground, surface side wall surface, washrooms, homes, hotels, residential and commercial purposes depend on where one would like it to be on walls of washroom in big sizes with one colour and little finish with terrazzo surface or different colour tiles in small sizes and shapes or medium ones with monochromatic that is white and black. It can be results in any kind of beauty depends on the one, it can have a sharp chip with lots of space between with one or more than one colour in base or simple no space and adjusted accordingly. One should know that there are plenty of options in terms of colours and patterns. Also, it comes crisp and smooth edges that gives traditional look. Moreover, it comes in 3d products. Suppose, one wants to fit small ones in hexagon shape block in washroom above and at back of the sink tap or at the bottom of TV wall, demands chips in it to be small with normal space adjustment and pastel pink colour tiles in base only, from rough finish to mirror like finishes, also can keep your home interior in mind to get it done with the colour combinations and so on, it can be done with ease or maybe with no colour just little black tint at the back with coloured chips in front. Moreover, comes with plenty of different textures and is versatile.

Disadvantages of Terrazzo:

One downside of Terrazzo tiles is that it is porous and so some designs that are installed around showers in washroom can be damaged due to continuous water droplets. If it is not installed properly, cracks can occur that is serious concern for owners, the process is quite difficult it better to hire expert to get it done properly.