Get The Best Market Umbrella With This Brief Market Umbrella Guide

13 foot market umbrella

Market umbrellas are a little different than the patio umbrellas which are used commonly in houses as well as commercially sometimes. But mostly, in commercial areas the market umbrellas are used because of their sizes that these are larger, these are equally popular among all kinds of outdoor settings such as farmer markets, cafes, decks, sidewalks, restaurants, stalls and basically every place which is exposed to the sun and needs a shade. The market umbrellas come in variety of sizes, there are 6-foot market umbrella then there is 13-foot market umbrella as well and based on the requirement and the available space, one could get the right size. Because the market umbrellas are manufactured specifically for the commercial use and therefore, it is kept in mind that these are made from such material and technique that these are able to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor environment.

Why do you need the market umbrella anyway?

Some people may settle for other methods to provide the shades such as awnings but the market umbrellas are one of the excellent solutions, not only is because these are easy to move from place to place and you could change your view setting of outdoor by just placing the dining and the umbrella on top of it but it is also very good at providing the shade and the cover that is required. One thing you should consider with the market umbrellas is that what size are you getting and that size should be able to cover the number of tables you had in mind.

Types of market umbrellas:

Apart from the size, there are various deigns as well in the market umbrellas which sets these apart from one another and help you choose the one which is good for your outdoor setting and use. Some of these types are discussed below:


These are one of the most famous types of the umbrellas in the market because these are adjustable and could provide you with the flexibility by either extending outwards or being retracted. There is a handle crank attached to this market umbrella through which you can operate and could rotate it to whatever angle you like.

Centre post:

These are one of the traditional types of the market umbrella and as the name represent, it has the centre pole which holds the entire canopy of the umbrella. These market umbrellas are ideal for the stationary step which does not need to be moved every now and then because these have the non removeable furniture which cannot be moved.

From the above-mentioned types, it depends on the type of the business what kind of the umbrellas is required and would be best to cover the spot. Usually when there needs to be more rotation required then cantilever is best otherwise centre post.