Cloud Storage & Its Service Providers

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Basically, cloud storage is a service provider which give the customers or its users a platform and space to store and make secure their data and the data backups so as to keep their personal files and documents safe from the hackers or any other kind of insecurities. This cloud storage in sydney always been famous and user’s friendly as managed it solutions in an admirable way so that everyone it consulting get satisfied of its services and facilities provided.

There are many international or local companies making our lives much easier by managed it solutions of insecurities about our personal or professional data. It manage service providers in sydney work at the base level so that they could provide best of their services to their users.

Cloud storage provides the following facilities:

  • Software as a service (SAAS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
  • Platform as a service (PAAS)

Here we will discuss about some cloud storage provider companies which are working at larger level of their fields:

  • Amazon web services is a set of services which provide a digital platform to their users to get secured and tension free regarding their personal or professional data and their backups. They provide the facilities which are necessary and even crucial to start and maintained a business like storage of database, delivery of contents, computer power and many more.

The services provided by Amazon are credible, scalable and much flexible that is the reason behind why many companies which it consulting include it in their businesses. Being an Amazon user, you don’t need to pay for any extra charges you only have to pay for all the services you are having from this, that’s all!

Amazon offers databases like redshift, dynamo DB, RDS and elastic cache.

  • There is a cloud storage service provider company which offers windows and Linux OS, called server space cloud server. You can choose your own configurations according to your choice or need and the technical assistance is provided for 24 hours to the customers which makes it more reliable and user friendly. This cloud works on the basis of innovative hypo converged strategy due to open sources of all the technologies. It works and functions in the building if new generation type machine a as it has hypervisor and OS free BSD.
  • There is a cloud storage company which facilitates the users by building, managing and testing the information; it manages service providers. This company is Microsoft Azure, commonly called as MS Azure. It differentiate between operating system and CPU with an inference layer also known as hypervisor. This hypervisor simulates the functioning of physical parts of a computer to virtual machines which are capable of doing numerous tasks and can functions in many operating systems.
  • Google also provides this facility of cloud storage that managed it solutions so well and works on the basis on which Google do. This platform we called as Google cloud platform. It serves the users with high quality of security and protection to their data, backups and systems.